FAR Cloud


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RADMonster’s private cloud provides a unique capability of integrating a suite of libraries that build real world business web applications through a parameter based configuration tool. The authoring tools for business web application development utilize a visual approach to software development. This allows analyst and/or designers to focus on workflows, business rules, logic, database design, report and GUI layouts in a very agile way. A designer can effectively turn ideas into functional specifications through design models that transform into living application documents that actually map back to design documents! Allowing for design documentation and application develop documents to be self aware of changes throughout the development process. But not only is the RADMonster platform capable of tracking change across the design documentation and application development it is a test driven development platform!



RADMonster’s library suite is known as
FAR (Fast, Adaptable and Reliable), it is a proven secure architecture that frees the development process of subjective and error prone design processes that require expensive armies of developers to produce and maintain. FAR performs the costly and difficult process of integration that then allows designers and testers to focus on the application’s coherence to the specification requirements.

FAR can be extended and it allows itself to be extended without modifying its code base. This extension capability allows managers the ability to cut the costs of employing expensive software development labor by minimizing those efforts to only processes that are above and beyond FAR’s extensive tool suite. FAR is a rapid application development Monster, with Ajax, webservice, and MVC abilities. With RADMonster application development is much more cost effective that directly leads to substantial improvements in ROI and a competitive advantage over traditional development processes.